Processed with Rookie

Welcome to BarneyVision.  I love taking photos using my iPhone. I’ve been taking them for years, and now have decided to post some on this photo blog. I’m not a professional photographer by any means. But I just can’t stop snapping pics. I love my iPhone camera.  Since I started this blog, I’ve unconsciouly been pulling out my iPhone and snapping on a regular basis.  It sometimes annoys my spouse, but what the heck – I love it.  I’m now having to wade through the huge amount of photos on my phone and hitting the ‘delete’ button more often.

I also like to use filter apps I’ve downloaded.  This can be a time-waster, but once in a while I’m proud of something I’ve edited.  I use several editors, including iPhoto, Rookie and TinType.  But as you can imagine, there are hundreds on the iPhone Apps Store.  I guess I’ve been bitten by the photo ‘bug’.

Please enjoy these pictures, photos and photographs.  However, do not copy, repost, borrow, steal or use without my specific consent.  You do not have the right to use any of the pictures, images or graphics that are posted on my BarneyVision site.  If you’re interested in using one of my photos, contact me (via the “Contact” button on the menu) and send me your request.




So, what do you think? Leave a reply.

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