2D Tree


Have you read the book ‘Flatland’ by Edwin A Abbot?  What a romantic dive into one-, two- and three-dimensional thinking.  Whenever I see shadows, I think of Flatland.  In Flatland, a 2D (two dimension) object would cast a 1D shadow onto a 1D world.  For example, a circle would only have a dot as a shadow from any vantage point in the 1D world.

In a 2D world, a 3D object, for example a Sphere, would cast a 2D shadow (a circle) in the 2D world.  The same principle applies to the tree in my front yard.  Our tree is a 3D object.  Yet its shadow is 2D on the flat 2D surface of my driveway.

Now for the fun part.  A 4D object would cast a 3D shadow (our 3D tree.)  What would our 4D tree look like given its 3D counterpart?

So, what do you think? Leave a reply.

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